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Calls From Home (September 2016)

Aired September 28, 2016
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This month’s show is dedicated to everyone locked down at Collins Bay. We discuss an upcoming public event reflecting on the Save Our Prison Farms campaign, flyering visitors at Collins Bay Institution about the U.S. Prison Strike, and a recent statement issued by the End Immigration Detention Network. We share a segment from Democracy Now with updates about the prison strike, and a poem submitted to our Facebook group. And of course, we play some music.


From Nothing To Everything by Neal Shannacappo

Democracy Now Strike Update

U.S. Prison Strike Update

Aired September 21, 2016
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With the U.S. prison strike now in full swing, we set out to review the strike activity and outside solidarity to date across the world. We share several audio segments from across the U.S. covering what’s happening with the strike.


September 9th Prison Strike Roundup from The Final Straw

National Prison Strike & Yes, It Matters To You from Occupy

National Prison Strike segment from Democracy Now

U.S. Prison Strike Preview

Aired September 7, 2016
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CPR hosts C and Reeko discuss the imminent U.S. Prison Strike. We play the initial call-out for the strike, Ohio prisoner Sean Swain’s statement in support of the strike, a poem by an outside organizer, as well as an original interview with a member of the Providence, Rhode Island chapter of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.

“Call To End Slavery” by Resonance Audio
“In Support of the September 9th National Prison Strike” by Sean Swain
“For September 9th” by Insurgent Theatre*

*Unfortunately we were running over time and had to cut this piece short.


We’re Back!

Actually, we didn’t go anywhere… we’ve been broadcasting all along. But it’s been a while since we updated this website. Our links, program content, contact information and social media have all been brought up to speed! Keep an eye on this site where we will be including links, extended interviews and additional content to supplement the issues and resources we cover on the program. And don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday at 7pm EST to CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston, or online at!