Give us a call!

We’re excited to announce that we once again have a phone line set up for Calls From Home! Call us any time and record your messages of support, song requests and/or news tips and please indicate if you would like us to broadcast your words on the show. The last Wednesday of every month (and sometimes on shows in between if it’s immediately pertinent), we will share your messages over the air, play your song requests, read your poetry, etc … give us a call!

Here is the number: 613-329-2693

We will be sending out this information to inmate committees and prisoner contacts across the region in the near future. If you know someone inside who would like to add us to their phone list – which we encourage! – here is the information CSC requires to get it set up:

Number: 613-329-2693
Name: Alex Jackson
Address: 62 Fifth Field Company Lane, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6

Alex will be carrying the phone most days in case CSC staff call to approve the number.

Quinte Detention Centre/Collect Calls: Unfortunately at this time, we aren’t set up to accept collect calls. We are currently looking into options and applying for funding. Please get in touch with us if you have information about Quinte.

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