Request for Information: Simple Jail Remedies

CPR is currently working with a Holistic Health Counsellor to produce a radio show specifically geared towards educating prisoners about simple remedies for common health ailments. We are looking for feedback from folks inside to have a better understanding of what to cover in this show. We are collecting responses until the end of March, and we are hoping to air a radio show on this topic sometime in April. Please share this with anyone else inside you think might be interested.

1. What are the most common health issues of the prisoners you know? (ex: diabetes, chronic pain, digestive upset, high blood pressure, cancer, cold/flu, first aid, etc)

2. What remedies do you know of people using for health complaints in prison?

3. Is it possible to access any culinary herbs and spices for medicinal uses? Which ones? (ex: fennel, lemon, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, thyme, rosemary, etc).

4. What kinds of natural foods and teas can be purchased from the canteen? (ex: green tea, chamomile tea, black tea, honey, nuts, yoghurt, etc).

5. Do you have access to any garden space to grow medicinal plants such as culinary herbs and spices?

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