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Aired September 20, 2017
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This week we shared audio recorded by a CFRC volunteer that didn’t make it into the Prisoner’s Justice Day broadcast. Thanks to Facundo for interviewing people on the street in Kingston on a variety of ‘hotbutton’ issues in the prison system today.

Calls From Home (August 2017)

Aired August 30, 2017
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Calls From Home is a monthly CFRC Prison Radio segment that connects friends and family with their loved ones behind Kingston’s prison walls through the power of community radio.


The Knife – Without You, Life Would Be Boring
Dorothea – Ship Of Fools
Roger Miller – King of the Road
Cutless – What Faith Can Do
Star F*cking Hipsters – Empty Lives
Bone Thugs – That Girl
Herbie Hancock – He Who Lives In Fear
KRS One – You Ain’t Got Time
Light Bearer – Prelapsus

Prisoners Justice Day (Extended Content)

Aired August 16, 2017
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Following up on our special Prisoners Justice Day broadcast last week, we share content from a local PJD round-table event featuring former women prisoners and prison advocates. For the second half of the show, we bring you the extended interview with Albert Dumont shared on the special broadcast.

Prisoners Justice Day 2017 Archive

Aired August 10, 2017
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Here you can find an archive of the entire 5 hour special broadcast for Prisoners Justice Day 2017. Thank you to the numerous people who contributed this year. We were so happy to also have the show this year also broadcast on CJAI 92.9 Amherst Island Radio.

Below is a breakdown of what you’ll hear:

00:00 What Is Prisoners Justice Day?
10:00 Dr. John Charlton
28:30 Albert Dumont
56:45 Margaret Holland from Canadian Families in Corrections Network
1:12:30 Mark Kerwin, executive director of KLINK Coffee
1:22:45 Hugh from Ad Astra Comix about forthcoming Peter Collins Anthology
1:42:00 Mary, community support person for a local prisoner
1:57:30 Jarrod Shook about PJD and prison activism in Ottawa
2:20:00 Memorial Segment (reading of names)
2:56:00 Jimmy Hogan statement about prison experiments
3:00:00 Music requests begin
3:43:00 Live interview with Jarrod Shook about PJD events in Ottawa
More music requests
4:14:00 Letter from prisoner at Bath Institution
More music requests
4:57:00 Strong Woman Song