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New Zine: Right To Refuse

An Account of Resistance to Prison Pay Cuts

This second installation in the CPR Zine Series contains a transcript of an interview we did in February 2018 with Jarrod Shook. We discussed prison labour, resistance to prison pay cuts inside, the four-year lawsuit, and next steps in the struggle for better wages and dignity for prisoner workers.

Download an imposed PDF of this zine here: Right to Refuse

Calls From Home (May 2018)

Aired May 30, 2018
Posted to the Internet Archive

Calls From Home is a monthly CFRC Prison Radio segment that connects friends and family with their loved ones behind Kingston’s prison walls through the power of community radio.

News: Prisoners Justice Day in Kingston 2018 – Callout for submissions for new prison publicationComing soon: “Free Inside” by Peter CollinsIndefinite migrant detentionAnti-construction crew releases crickets in migrant detention centre architect headquarters

Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
Christian Collins – The Lifer
Steve Earle & The Dukes – Justice in Ontario
Sing Me Home – Jailbreak
Sing Me Home – Sing Me Back Home