Prisoner’s Justice Day, August 10, 2020


In recognition of Prisoners’ Justice Day, August 10, 2020, an annual, international, day of remembrance for those who have died behind bars, Prison Radio is taking over the airwaves at CFRC 101.9 FM​ in Kingston, Ontario, from 4 to 10pm on Monday, August 10. PJD started at Millhaven Institution in the Kingston area, and we broadcast to all federal prisons in our range as well as upstate New York.

We’ll have interviews, commentary and a memorial segment until 7pm; followed by music requests and messages by and for prisoners and their loved ones and supporters from 7.30-10pm.

This is our 12th annual CFRC broadcast, and we would love to hear from you. Send your messages, song requests, poems, essays, whatever, for friends and family behind bars in the Kingston area, and we’ll put them on the air. If you’d like to be interviewed or chat with us, please reach out. During the show, our request line will also be open. And spread the word!

Contact us:

E-mail us at CFRCprisonradio [at] riseup [dot] net
Call us at 613-417-3359
Station request line: 613-533-2372
Twitter: @Cprkingston

Write to us:
Suite #409
427 Princess Street
Kingston, ON, Canada
K7L 5S9

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