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CFRC Prison Radio – March 10, 2021

Lauren Walker, TRUTHOUT

Interview with the Perilous Chronicle, a journal of prisoner resistance, about struggles in American and Canadian prisons during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Archive audio here:

Prison Radio – March 3, 2021

Sent to us by Montreal Prison Radio. Featuring a long interview w our inside correspondent Muti Ajamu Osagboro and his fiancée Raqueeb Bey about relationships across prison walls, COVID-19, and how their political commitments brought them together.

Archive here:

CFRC Prison Radio – February 3, 2021

Audio from an event critical of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign and Bell’s extortionate monopoly over phone calls made from within institutions. 

Prison Radio – January 20, 2021

News and updates from struggles across Canadian prisons.

Prison Radio, December 9, 2020

Updates and interviews from Rust Belt Abolition Radio about the pandemic in American prisons

Prison Radio – December 2, 2020

Updates on pandemic in local prisons – visits are cancelled or going on?, more news from the Barton Jail and Burnside prisoners, a message from a prisoner in Saskatchewan, and an interview with the Certain Days Calendar folks.

Prison Radio, November 11, 2020

Updates on COVID-19 in local Ontario prisons and the government failure on early release during the pandemic, special guest Sheena discusses the spread of the pandemic in Quebec prisons, and messages of love and support!

CPR October 14, 2020

Panel discussion with ex-prisoners talking about KP Tours, and updates about Millhaven Institution hunger strike and TEDC strike.

Prison Radio – September 16, 2020

A correspondent piece submitted by Final Straw.


In recognition of Prisoners’ Justice Day, August 10, 2020, an annual, international, day of remembrance for those who have died behind bars, CFRC Prison Radio took over the airwaves at CFRC 101.9 FM​ in Kingston, Ontario, from 4 to 10pm.  Thank you to everyone who made contributions to the show, to to everyone who listened, called in and sent messages of love and support during our 12th broadcast yesterday & thanks to CFRC and to all the volunteers behind the mic & behind the scenes that made it happen! 

Here is the archive of the broadcast:


0:00:00-0:25:00: Introduction and Historical Information

0:26:00-0:56:00: Interview with Lindsay Jennings from PASAN about the Prisoner Emergency Support Fund & importance of solidarity & mutual aid.

0:56:00-2:00:00: Audio recording from the July 25 2020 Kingston stop of #JusticeforSoli Ontario Prison Tour talking about wrongful deaths and mental health crisis in Ontario provincial and federal prisons.

2:00:00-2:55:00: Audio from the P4W Memorial Collective “in conversation with Cedar, Moka Dawkins, and Tami Starlight about trans femme decolonial and abolitionist dreams….broadcasting messages of care, love, rage, and analyses of the relationship between white supremacy, binary gender, and state violence.” Full interviews will also be posted on the website.

2:55:00-3:05:00: Updates from the ongoing hunger strikes at the Barton Jail in Hamilton.

3:05:00-3:50:00: Memorial – reading out the names of those who have died behind bars.

3:50:00-5:05:00: Requests and messages from listeners and families of the incarcerated in the Kingston area. Special guest Hugh from CFRC show ‘Prog is not a dirty word’.

5:05:00-6:00:00: Special request show of ‘What The Punk?’ with songs selected by Anthony and others at Bath Institution.