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Prisoners Justice Day 2017 Archive

Aired August 10, 2017
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Here you can find an archive of the entire 5 hour special broadcast for Prisoners Justice Day 2017. Thank you to the numerous people who contributed this year. We were so happy to also have the show this year also broadcast on CJAI 92.9 Amherst Island Radio.

Below is a breakdown of what you’ll hear:

00:00 What Is Prisoners Justice Day?
10:00 Dr. John Charlton
28:30 Albert Dumont
56:45 Margaret Holland from Canadian Families in Corrections Network
1:12:30 Mark Kerwin, executive director of KLINK Coffee
1:22:45 Hugh from Ad Astra Comix about forthcoming Peter Collins Anthology
1:42:00 Mary, community support person for a local prisoner
1:57:30 Jarrod Shook about PJD and prison activism in Ottawa
2:20:00 Memorial Segment (reading of names)
2:56:00 Jimmy Hogan statement about prison experiments
3:00:00 Music requests begin
3:43:00 Live interview with Jarrod Shook about PJD events in Ottawa
More music requests
4:14:00 Letter from prisoner at Bath Institution
More music requests
4:57:00 Strong Woman Song


Calls From Home (May 2017)

Aired May 31, 2017
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Calls From Home is a monthly CFRC Prison Radio segment that connects friends and family with their loved ones behind Kingston’s prison walls through the power of community radio.

News: Fire at Quebec City jailFentanyl overdoses at Quinte Detention CentreFirst death at Southwest Detention Centre – Feds admit most immigrant detainees aren’t “dangerous” – Indefinite migrant detention court challengeCSC strikes prison farms advisoryHunger strike at Folsom Prison


Sampa – Reverse Faults
Imany – Slow Down
The Tidal Sleep – Words
Tristan Welsh – Locked Up


Simple Health Remedies in Prison

Aired May 10, 2017
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Tonight we bring you an interview with M, a holistic health counsellor based in Vancouver about simple health remedies using ingredients widely available through prison kitchens, canteens and gardens. Responses to our call for information formed the basis of our program today, so thank you! Special shout-out goes to Chester Abbotsbury for this very thoughtful response to our call-out.

News: Correctional Investigator releases scathing report on Matthew Hines deathEvolve Our Prison Farms group enters the debateDavid Gagnier death at Bath InstitutionAltercation at Collins Bay Max results in several injuries


Ziggy Marley – Herbs and Spices
Simon and Garfunkel – Scarborough Fair/Canticle

Request for Information: Simple Jail Remedies

CPR is currently working with a Holistic Health Counsellor to produce a radio show specifically geared towards educating prisoners about simple remedies for common health ailments. We are looking for feedback from folks inside to have a better understanding of what to cover in this show. We are collecting responses until the end of March, and we are hoping to air a radio show on this topic sometime in April. Please share this with anyone else inside you think might be interested.

1. What are the most common health issues of the prisoners you know? (ex: diabetes, chronic pain, digestive upset, high blood pressure, cancer, cold/flu, first aid, etc)

2. What remedies do you know of people using for health complaints in prison?

3. Is it possible to access any culinary herbs and spices for medicinal uses? Which ones? (ex: fennel, lemon, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, thyme, rosemary, etc).

4. What kinds of natural foods and teas can be purchased from the canteen? (ex: green tea, chamomile tea, black tea, honey, nuts, yoghurt, etc).

5. Do you have access to any garden space to grow medicinal plants such as culinary herbs and spices?