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Lisa Guenther

Aired March 14, 2018
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CPR is excited to air an extended and informative interview with Lisa Guenther, the new Queen’s National Scholar in Political Philosophy and Critical Prison Studies at Queen’s University. We talked about the history of the prison, the philosophy and experience of solitary confinement, settler colonialism and incarceration, the Prison for Women, and much more. Check out her bio here:


Feet for FEAT, Ricky Atkinson & Robyn Maynard

Aired October 11, 2017
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This week we bring you three segments:

The first is an interview with Jessica Reid from FEAT for children of incarcerated parents who is running from Toronto to Ottawa to raise money for their prison visitation program.

The second is an interview taped with Ricky Atkinson, former leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang who did more than 30 years in prison in the Kingston area. He recently released a memoir, The Life, Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson. I caught up with him at a book-signing at the Kingston Chapters.

Our third segment is an excerpt from a presentation by Robyn Maynard about her new book, Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present.

Announcements/News: Trouble Screening Thursday night at AKACertain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners 2018 Calendars now availableRiot at Baffin Correctional in Nunavut


Friendly Rich – Blue Heron
Lal – Self Defence

Prisoners Justice Day 2017 Archive

Aired August 10, 2017
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Here you can find an archive of the entire 5 hour special broadcast for Prisoners Justice Day 2017. Thank you to the numerous people who contributed this year. We were so happy to also have the show this year also broadcast on CJAI 92.9 Amherst Island Radio.

Below is a breakdown of what you’ll hear:

00:00 What Is Prisoners Justice Day?
10:00 Dr. John Charlton
28:30 Albert Dumont
56:45 Margaret Holland from Canadian Families in Corrections Network
1:12:30 Mark Kerwin, executive director of KLINK Coffee
1:22:45 Hugh from Ad Astra Comix about forthcoming Peter Collins Anthology
1:42:00 Mary, community support person for a local prisoner
1:57:30 Jarrod Shook about PJD and prison activism in Ottawa
2:20:00 Memorial Segment (reading of names)
2:56:00 Jimmy Hogan statement about prison experiments
3:00:00 Music requests begin
3:43:00 Live interview with Jarrod Shook about PJD events in Ottawa
More music requests
4:14:00 Letter from prisoner at Bath Institution
More music requests
4:57:00 Strong Woman Song

Origins of the Modern Prison

Aired July 19, 2017
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Tonight we share a lecture that happened in Kingston on May 24, 2017 as part of the Guelph Summer Lecture Series. This talk focused on the origins of the modern prison, and specifically prison reform and the ‘rehabilition’ model and discusses why it isn’t working.