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Prison Radio – March 24, 2021

Interviews about mental health, health care, (dis)ability behind bars in Canada and the Unites States. Archive below:

Prison Radio – March 3, 2021

Sent to us by Montreal Prison Radio. Featuring a long interview w our inside correspondent Muti Ajamu Osagboro and his fiancée Raqueeb Bey about relationships across prison walls, COVID-19, and how their political commitments brought them together.

Archive here:

CFRC Prison Radio – February 3, 2021

Audio from an event critical of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign and Bell’s extortionate monopoly over phone calls made from within institutions. 

CPR September 23, 2020

Special interview with Sarah Tessier, former prisoner from the East Coast, conducted by new correspondent Olivia Napthali. 

Prison Radio, June 17, 2020

Updates and audio from the women prisoners supporting the hunger strike at Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

Prison Radio, June 10, 2020

Updates on COVID-19 in prisons – finally dropping off!, messages of love and support, and audio from the hunger strike at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.

Prison Radio, June 3, 2020

Messages from listeners, news stories from Millhaven Institution, manifestos and demands from the strikers at Bordeaux Jail in Montreal, updates on COVID-19 behind bars across Canada, Black Lives Matters protests, and our 2018 interview with Robyn Maynard about policing black lives in Canada.

CFRC Prison Radio, May 6, 2020

A new episode during COVID-19. A message from the Millhaven Lifer’s Group, updates, an interview with the vice-chair of the inmate committee at Warksworth Institution, voices from provincial and federal prisons about COVID-19, and a tribute to Tony Allen, who gave CPR our theme song and incredible music to the world. Rest in power.

CFRC Prison Radio, April 15, 2020.

Updates on COVID-19 in Canadian prisons, call out for Prisoner Emergency Support Fund, solidarity actions, updates on Barton jail struggle, and requests and messages of support.

New Resource:

A new website that is serving as a clearing house for all the information you could need about what is going on in Canadian prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic.