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Defend J20 and August 19th Solidarity

Aired July 12, 2017
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This week we syndicated two interviews from The Final Straw Radio. The first is with Ben Turk of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee about the August 19th call for solidarity with prisoners. The second is an excerpt of an interview with an arrestee and supporter of the J20 defendants, who were mass arrested at the Trump inauguration in Washington, DC on January 20th, 2017. Thanks Final Straw!


Blackbird Raum – A Rat In My Dream


June 11th Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason and Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

Aired June 14, 2017
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June 11th has been observed since 2004 by anarchists and environmentalists as a day of action to mobilize around imprisoned comrades. Tonight we bring you an interview conducted by June 11 organizers with Ann Hansen, a freelance writer living on a farm near Kingston and former member of Direct Action, an underground anarchist guerilla group active in the 1980s.

News: Incident at Henry Trail halfway houseSolitary Is Torture demonstration in MichiganSolidarity rally with Folsom hunger strikersBeatrice Hunter released


Sing Me Home – Sing Me Back Home
DECIDE TODAY – Strong Hearts Cannot Be Caged

Calls From Home (May 2017)

Aired May 31, 2017
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Calls From Home is a monthly CFRC Prison Radio segment that connects friends and family with their loved ones behind Kingston’s prison walls through the power of community radio.

News: Fire at Quebec City jailFentanyl overdoses at Quinte Detention CentreFirst death at Southwest Detention Centre – Feds admit most immigrant detainees aren’t “dangerous” – Indefinite migrant detention court challengeCSC strikes prison farms advisoryHunger strike at Folsom Prison


Sampa – Reverse Faults
Imany – Slow Down
The Tidal Sleep – Words
Tristan Welsh – Locked Up


May Day 2017 Special Broadcast

Aired May 1, 2017
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This year, CFRC 101.9FM held a special broadcast live from May Day celebrations in Kingston, on May 1st from 4-6pm (despite terrible weather!). As the whole CPR crew was involved in producing this broadcast, we have uploaded the broadcast here for your listening pleasure.

1:10 Speech from 2016 May Day event in Kingston
9:25 Interview with Doug Nesbitt, editor of Rank and File
48:00 May Day at Kingston Penitentiary, 1933
59:23 Interview with participant at anti-racist rally (March 4, 2017)
1:05:55 Reports from May Day around the world
1:21:54 The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day
1:40:40 Live broadcast from Skeleton Park


Guelph ABC and Philadelphia Prison Strike Interviews

Aired December 14, 2016
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This week we welcomed special guest M into the studio for a live on-air interview. We discuss the Guelph Anarchist Black Cross and its role in anarchist prison support, the emergence of the ‘noise demonstration’ tactic in Ontario, state repression and defensive infrastructure, and whether we can ever claim ‘victories’ in the struggle to destroy prison for anything short of, well, destroying prison.

Later in the show, we aired a short interview by a CPR contributor with anarchists in Philadelphia about the September 9th U.S. prison strike and the various ways people tried to support it in their local context.

News: Collins Bay Max Unit locked downBryen Madill died at Millhaven InstitutionRobert Brunet died at Joyceville InstitutionControversy over CORCAN “native crafts” workshop at WarkworthStrike organizer Kinetik Justice brutally attacked by guards and requesting support

Music: We Live by G.L.O.S.S.Last Legs by Leftover Crack

Call for information: We’d like to do a future show with M about Do-It-Yourself remedies for common ailments using items you can get at canteens and cafeterias inside. Send us your ideas and we’ll work on this for the new year!


Calls From Home (September 2016)

Aired September 28, 2016
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This month’s show is dedicated to everyone locked down at Collins Bay. We discuss an upcoming public event reflecting on the Save Our Prison Farms campaign, flyering visitors at Collins Bay Institution about the U.S. Prison Strike, and a recent statement issued by the End Immigration Detention Network. We share a segment from Democracy Now with updates about the prison strike, and a poem submitted to our Facebook group. And of course, we play some music.


From Nothing To Everything by Neal Shannacappo

Democracy Now Strike Update

U.S. Prison Strike Update

Aired September 21, 2016
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With the U.S. prison strike now in full swing, we set out to review the strike activity and outside solidarity to date across the world. We share several audio segments from across the U.S. covering what’s happening with the strike.


September 9th Prison Strike Roundup from The Final Straw

National Prison Strike & Yes, It Matters To You from Occupy

National Prison Strike segment from Democracy Now

U.S. Prison Strike Preview

Aired September 7, 2016
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CPR hosts C and Reeko discuss the imminent U.S. Prison Strike. We play the initial call-out for the strike, Ohio prisoner Sean Swain’s statement in support of the strike, a poem by an outside organizer, as well as an original interview with a member of the Providence, Rhode Island chapter of the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee.

“Call To End Slavery” by Resonance Audio
“In Support of the September 9th National Prison Strike” by Sean Swain
“For September 9th” by Insurgent Theatre*

*Unfortunately we were running over time and had to cut this piece short.