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Prison Radio – March 24, 2021

Interviews about mental health, health care, (dis)ability behind bars in Canada and the Unites States. Archive below:

CPR – March 17, 2021

Screening Room.

This week, we play our audio from an event at the Screening Room in Kingston on March 4. This was part of a screening put on by the Prison4Women Memorial Collective of a clip of an untitled in progress film, followed by informal conversation with Joey Twins.

The film gathers personal photographs together with interviews, institutional archives, art, ceremony and music, this collective video project transmits the spirit of survival through story and intimate worlding in moving image and sound.

Joey Twins is a plains Cree woman from the bear clan of Alberta, Canada, and recipient of the 2020 Ed McIsaac Human Rights in Corrections Award. Joey is a public speaker and teacher who shares her knowledge and wisdom from her time inside of prison alongside lessons of survival, love and community.

In 1994 Joey and a handful of other woman who were incarcerated at the Kingston Prison for Women (P4W) engaged in physical combat with the prison guards after the women could no longer stand the abuse they were subjected to. P4W, made notorious with horror stories of psychiatric experimentation and abject abuse of human rights, was finally shut down in 2000.


Prison Radio – February 10, 2021

An interview with members of the Prison for Women Memorial Collective about ongoing plans to develop the now vacant prison and the still unfulfilled demand for a memorial garden.

CFRC Prison Radio – February 3, 2021

Audio from an event critical of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign and Bell’s extortionate monopoly over phone calls made from within institutions. 

Prison Radio – December 2, 2020

Updates on pandemic in local prisons – visits are cancelled or going on?, more news from the Barton Jail and Burnside prisoners, a message from a prisoner in Saskatchewan, and an interview with the Certain Days Calendar folks.

Prison Radio, October 21, 2020

Updates about Millhaven Institution, Penetang, Manitoba and other places + audio from the Ottawa protests about the police killing of Abdirahman Abdi.

CPR October 14, 2020

Panel discussion with ex-prisoners talking about KP Tours, and updates about Millhaven Institution hunger strike and TEDC strike.

CPR October 7, 2020

News updates from strike at Toronto East Detention Centre and audio of El Jones discussing prison farms and their future.

Prison Radio – September 9, 2020

This episode: we play audio from panel discussion of No Live Left Behind: Beyond Carceral Feminism about lifers in women’s prisons.

CPR, August 12, 2020

Follow-up to our Prisoner’s Justice Day episode on August 10, with requests, messages, submissions and songs we couldn’t get to that day.